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Becker Acroma Coatings

Becker Acroma PaintBecker Acroma Paint Coatings, Triclad Stain Matching, Sayerlack Wood Stains

Beckers, Triclad & Sayerlack - Paints, Coatings, Stains and More!


Becker Acroma Coatings

For years Becker Acroma has been researching and developing lacquers and paints for outdoor use – driven by their concern for the environment. Becker Acroma devotes their resources to finding environmentally-adapted solutions that offer the same characteristics and qualities of conventional, solventborne solutions. Their R&D facilities around the world provide full-scale line production facilities for testing new products and applications.


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UV Coatings

General Finishes stains, waterbornes
Sayerlack specialty paints & coatings
Disks, Belts & abrasives

Triclad Water Based Stain Matching System

If you work with wood or staing, you probably know how difficult it can be to match stain colors. Triclad water base paint matching system will help you get the right color by fine tuning it based on an easy method.

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Sayerlack Wood Solutions

Founded in 1954 Sayerlack set itself the goal of producing the best possible wood coatings that advanced technology could formulate.

With this aim Sayerlack quickly became one of the leaders in the wood coatings industry increasing its production volumes from 50 tons in 1954 to 44517 tons in 2001.

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